Race Date

Sunday 1st May 2022




Team Manager, and named Athletes agree to the event terms and conditions, as set out below. Acceptance of your Race Number confirms agreement.

All profits from the Roach Valley Way Relay will be donated to Havens Hospices. (Registered charity number 1022119)

  1. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams, Ladies Team, and MEDAL to all finishers.
  2. Runners can be members of the club they represent or run in independent teams.
  3. By entering the Roach Valley Way Relay teams agree to the event terms and conditions and that all team members are fit to compete and run at their own risk.
  4. Each team must be made up of 4 different runners.
  5. A runner can compete in more than one team. As an example if a club is short a runner in their B team, a runner from the A team could run.
  6. The spirit of the race is friendly and cooperative so runners are expected to help each other. As an example if a runner sees another runner go off course, the expectation is that the runner will be called back.
  7. Clubs / Teams are responsible for their own runners. If a runner gets lost/has an accident obviously anyone local to the incident would be expected to assist. However ultimately the club/team is responsible.
  8. Runners are expected to reccie their route. It is not acceptable practice to leave markers to remind or guide.
    The Way Markers, route maps and trail directions are sufficient.
  9. A team without a runner on a leg will receive a score of 50 points or 10 points more than the number of teams entered (whichever is greater. )
    If a runner starts a leg but does not finish the team will be scored the points of the last finisher plus one.
  10. Age limits – In the view of the race organisers is if a club/team is confident a runner can navigate the route adequately and can run the distance that’s ok. If there’s a problem it will be the club/ teams responsibility as a guide line runners should be 15 year old or above but the final decision will be down to the club/team.
  11. Deadline for entries need to be entered on the event website one week before race date to allow for preparation of race day time sheets and databases.

You agree that we may publish your Personal Information as part of the results of the Event and may pass such information to the governing body or any affiliated organisation for the purpose of insurance, licences or for publishing results either for the event alone or combined with or compared to other events. Results may include (but not be limited to) name, any club affiliation, race times, occupation and age category.

The Roach Valley Way Charity Relay Race is responsible for the personal data it holds about you.

Your personal data will be:

  • Processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner,
  • Collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and processed accordingly,
  • Adequate, relevant and limited to the purpose it was collected for,
  • Accurate and kept up-to-date,
  • Corrected or removed without delay if incorrect,
  • Not kept for longer than required for the intended purposes,
  • Processed so that it is kept securely.

You can check on the data held by Roach Valley Way Charity Relay Race and for you to tell Roach Valley Way Charity Relay Race to stop using your data.

Please contact for further information, or to have your data removed.

PARKING is available in the main Rochford car park, and is a short walk to the Square for the start of leg [1] and finish of leg [4], and also a short walk to the Pub for the results and prize giving at approx. 2.40pm.
RACE NUMBERS, to be worn on the CHEST of each runner, for easy identification by the Time-Keepers.   

ALL RACE NUMBERS to be collected in Rochford Square by Team Leader, or athletes, prior to commencement of Leg [1].

Your RACE NUMBER will signify your LEG and your TEAM NUMBER.
The first digit is the LEG NUMBER; the last two are your TEAM NUMBER.

Team 1 will have         101, 201, 301, 401
Team 10 will have       110 , 210, 310, 410
Team 35 will have       135, 235, 335, 435  etc..

Please ensure you are wearing the correct RACE NUMBER for your correct LEG.

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All profits donated to Havens Hospices.

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