The Roach Valley Way Relay – provisional date 3rd May 2020

2019 Race Report

Thank you to everyone who made today possible, and so much fun.
Love the spirit and atmosphere between all the clubs/runners.

Well done to all the winners and full results can be found here

Photographs from the race can be found here


“.. It’s up there with one my favourite races ever, brilliantly organised and just the best atmosphere at each leg and at the end – well done 👏🏻, we will be back next year hopefully with more teams too..”


“…..It is such a great event that brings the local running clubs closer. We might run for different clubs but we all share the same love of running…”


The Roach Valley Way Relay is a Stage Trail Run, following written descriptions, maps, and footpath ‘Way Markers’ along the route of the Roach Valley Way long distance footpath. (23 miles in total, 4 legs, 4 runners)



Each of the separate stages, will be treated as a standalone Trail Run with its own start times and marshal coordinators. There will be minimal marshals on the route, and it will be the runners responsibility to navigate their way.

Runners are to follow the Roach Valley signage in place and using route maps and description provided on-line and at each stage start. To aid navigation there will be some additional signage in place to supplement existing way markers.


The ‘spirit’ of the race is low-key, friendly and cooperative, all competitors should try to support other runners and call them back if they are going off-route and all supporters should assist members of other teams if necessary.


 There will be roving marshals for each stage, who’s responsibility will be to marshal road crossings, and place “Caution Runner” signs to warn traffic of potential runners as required. ( See yellow triangles on route maps for position ).

In Aid of HH and Incorporating Text

Each stage will have its own marshal team who will book each team in at the start of the leg, provide roving marshals as required, time each leg recording finish positions and times for each team, and make sure all teams have been accounted for before closing the leg. All stage marshals will be in contact with the overall event coordinator so they can coordinate any actions required should there be an incident during a stage.


Each leg is run as a standalone run with its own start time.  1st to finish each leg gets 1 point, 2nd gets 2 points etc going down the field,

Team with the lowest score over the 4 legs wins.  In the event of a tie fastest overall time wins

It’s the runner’s responsibility to find their own way along the route.



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